Winter Road Trip Tips

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Winter Road Trip Tips- If you are hitting the road this winter for a trip, make sure you follow these safety guidelines for a smooth(er) ride there!

I’m always down for a road trip and that includes in the winter. The thing about winter driving is, there are extra steps that should be taken to stay safe and have a great time. If you are planning on going on a winter trip via car this winter, here are some winter road trip tips to keep in mind.

Winter Road Trip Tips

Make sure you watch the weather a couple of days before you go-

Weather warnings are issued by the weather service up to 72 hours before a storm hits. Make sure you keep an eye out for these warnings and either cancel or adjust your trip if needed. Don’t risk it if you are not confident.

Let someone know where you are going and when to expect you there

While this is always sound advice while hitting the road for a long trip, it can be especially important for a winter road trip when you are more likely to have unexpected weather take you over. Keep in mind when estimating your time, that weather conditions could force you to drive at much slower speeds than you could in the summer. Also, try to only drive during daytime hours when roads are more likely to be plowed and well maintained.

Keep a safety kit in your car-

A winter safety kit has a few more items in it than just some flares, a lug wrench, some jumper cables and fix a flat. It should also include chains in you require them, an extra cell phone (even if it doesn’t have service, you should still be able to call 911) AND charged battery pack as well as kitty litter (for traction should you get stuck in snow), flashlights, non perishable food, waterproof matches and a shovel.

Have your car serviced and keep your gas tank at least half full-

This will ensure you have enough wiper fluid and that your coolant system is running properly. Keeping your tank full halfway keeps fuel lines from freezing.

Take extra warm stuff with you-

Make sure you have enough blankets, dry socks, gloves, hats and coats for everyone in the car. Its also a good idea to keep some thermal underwear and those ‘hot hands’ hand and foot warmers with you as well.

Only drive if you are fully awake and completely sober-

This seems like a no-brainer, but it is especially important with winter driving conditions. Fully sober doesn’t necessarily mean not drunk. It also means not on any cold medicine as well as this can impact your judgement and reaction time.

Plan your route to avoid passes if possible-

Mountain passes are often closed or very treacherous during the winter and are best avoided. It is far better to arrive in one piece than arrive quicker.

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