Winter Airport Tips

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Winter Airport Tips- Traveling this winter by air? Check out this list of winter airport tips to make the most of it and avoid as many issues as possible.

While traveling or taking a vacation in the winter can be great for your wallet, there is the risk you run that winter weather will dampen your flight plans and either ground you or delay you. If you plan on traveling by air this winter at all, here are some winter airport tips to get you through.

Winter Airport Tips

Book early flights– The earlier the flight, the least likely you are to experience major delays. This is because since it’s a new day, everyone is refreshed and crews have been working all night to get things ready and since there are no flights they are waiting on, you aren’t delayed. Think of it like booking the first doctor’s appointment of the day.

Keep an eye on your connecting cities– Speaking of booking flights, When you are doing so, pay attention to the connecting flights. It won’t matter if you are flying into Florida if the connecting city is in Colorado and a winter storm hits. You will be delayed. Instead, try to pick connecting cities that are least likely to be under 10 feet of snow.

Be aware of colds and flu and do your best to prevent them– Make sure you get plenty of rest and eat a very healthy diet in the weeks leading up to your flight to give your body the best chance at having a strong immune system. If you chose to, opt for a flu vaccine, too. Make sure to carry plenty of hand sanitizer and wash your hands frequently as you go throughout your day.

Bring extra entertainment if you can– Since delays and long layovers are often a part of the game when flying in the winter, make sure you are prepared for them. Bring extra entertainment, especially the kind that doesn’t require electricity or WiFi.

Arrive earlier and expect delays- Arrive earlier than you normally would, especially around the holidays, since the airports tend to be very crowded. Expect that there will be delays and just roll with it.

Ask about fees and incentives- If you do find out your connecting city is grounded, ask if there are fees to switch to a different flight. Also, if time is not a big deal to you, you may get incentives to offer your good seat to another passenger.



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