Ways to Pass Time During a Long Layover

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Everyone loves to travel. Seeing new places and experiencing new things is part of what makes life so great! However, we have all been met with those long layovers at an airport, with no idea what to do. This is, without question, one of the worst parts of travel. There are things you can do to keep yourself entertained, though. So what is there to do to pass the time? Read on to find out!

Ways to Pass Time During a Long Layover

Read a book:
There is no better time to get a good chunk of reading done. If you have a book with you, keep on reading. You can also get books on your tablet through apps like the Amazon Kindle app. If you don’t have access to those, then there are always bookstores in the airport.

Binge Netflix:
If your phone has the battery power, find your favorite show or movie on Netflix and get your binge on. This could be the best time to catch up on those shows you can’t watch around the kids.

Some airports offer yoga or fitness areas where you can go and stretch or work out the kinks you’ve managed to get from sitting on a cramped airplane. You will feel better and more relaxed, and time will fly. Plus, for some people, getting that blood flowing will actually be extremely beneficial and keep your legs and feet from swelling.

Get out of there:
If you have a really long layover, like over night, get out of the airport. Go see some of the sights or get a hotel room and get a decent night’s sleep. Even if your layover is shorter, just getting outside for some fresh air can really boost your spirits. Check out how long ubers take from the airport in the area you are going and find some things to do near the airport. Just remember to leave enough time to get through security again by allowing yourself at least an hour and a half or more during busy take off times such as morning or evening.

Grab some Food or a Drink:

Yeah, airport food can be bad, really bad. Even though it’s mostly fast food, you can find high-quality food at airports too. Many of these high-quality places have bars as well.

Take a nap:

This is one of the best ways to pass some time, especially if you don’t want to pay for a hotel room or you happen to be alone. Check out the website Sleeping In Airports for reviews and tips for sleeping in airports. Be sure to set an alarm.

Play good old fashioned board games:

This is especially good if you have kids with you as they are an excellent way to get everyone off their devices and interacting with each other.

With these tips, layover boredom should be a thing of the past!

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