Uber Tips and Tricks

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Uber Tips and Tricks- Find out how to get the best rates, rides and experience with Uber and read how to get FREE rides!

When I go out of town and take a plane to get there, I generally don’t rent a car if I am checking out a city. The reason being is I can use Uber and get around just fine and in many cases, much cheaper than the daily rate of renting a car and even if it costs me close to the same, I feel like the headache of trying to find a spot to park, paying for parking and worrying about theft is not worth it. If you would like to try Ubering it your next trip, here are my tips and tricks for getting the best deals and having the best Uber experience.

Uber Tips and Tricks

Make sure to give the drivers ratings- These ratings keep them active. If a driver’s rating drops below 4.6, Uber essential ‘fires’ them for a period of time. For many Uber drivers, this is their only income. Every time a passenger doesn’t rate, it has to potential to drop their rating if too many don’t rate. Be fair in your ratings and give 5 stars if you can.Additionally, you can now give extra props with Uber’s new compliment section for things such as ‘great conversation’ or ‘good music’. Think of these as pats on the back that help the driver know what they are doing right.

Tip your Uber driver with cash– Uber doesn’t have a way to tip through their app because they don’t want drivers doing cash jobs, but they also provide no way to tip through the app, even though Uber says its OK to tip your driver. Tip your driver with cash and make sure to insist since Uber tells them to decline the first time.

If you don’t like the price, wait 5 minutes and try again– Uber uses something called ‘Surge Pricing’ and will bump up the price of somewhere if there are lots of passengers seeking rides in your area. Waiting 5 minutes if you can will often change this. I once went from a $11 ride estimate to a 6 dollar ride estimate simply by waiting 5 minutes.

If prices are too much where you are, try walking a block or two– In cities, some of the spots you ask to be picked up from might be hot spots so if you can walk a block or two, you may find your price decreases by a lot. On my last trip, I walked 2 blocks and saw a price drop from $17 to just over $7.

Engage in conversation with your driver and they could be the best tour guide you ever had– Make sure to ask your driver about places you are visiting, which local eateries he or she recommends and things to do while you are there. You will get a local’s perspective and find some great places you may not know about.This is one of my favorite ways to find those hidden gem greasy spoon eateries all the locals love but aren’t exactly advertised to tourists.

Use the ‘send status’ feature if you are meeting someone– Uber has a nifty feature on their app that allows you to let someone know when you will be there. Use it if you are meeting someone.

Message your driver exactly were you are at if you are in a city area or hard to find spot– Often, Uber location isn’t spot on and thsi creates frustration for both driver and rider. Your driver will be very grateful and you will get picked up as quickly as possible if you simply message them as soon as you request a ride exactly what business you are standing outside of and maybe even what color shirt you are wearing.

Estimate your fares before you go on your trip so you can include them into your budget– Before I head out on a trip, I look at the places I will be going on my itinerary and get addresses from my hotel and estimate fares so I can know about what I will be spending.

Share your referral code and get free rides– All riders have a referral code you can share on social media so others who are new to Uber can use it to get their first ride free and you get a $15 ride credit when they use your code. (In case you are wondering, our referral code is christinet4345ue and we would LOVE it if you got your first ride free on us!)

Find our YOUR passenger rating and try to get a high one for easier pickups– You can rate drivers, but did you know they can rate YOU? If you have a low rating, it is possible drivers will skip you although many don’t look at ratings before agreeing to do a job, why risk it? If you want to know your rating, just go to the Uber app and help>account and payment >Account settings and Ratings> I’d Like to Know my Rating.

Look for promo codes if you are a new rider– There are several promo codes that float around that allow for free rides or credits. They are usually only there for new riders, but occasionally you can find some that are good for anyone.

Uber drivers can wait for you and they will even run you through a drive-thru or simply deliver you food as well– Uber drivers can just run you from point a to point b or they can actually deliver you food through Uber Eats. Some drivers will even wait for you if you ask nicely and will only be a very short time such as using an ATM. It is up to the individual driver, but many I have found are very accommodating, especially if you tip well.

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