Travel Packing Hacks

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Packing for a trip and don't know how to bring it all? Here are 8 incredible packing hacks to help you stuff your suitcase!

We all know that whether we are taking a much needed vacation or if we just need to pack for any type of trip, it can be a daunting task. For years, I have always started packing in my mind before I even open a suitcase. But when I discovered these hacks along the way, my packing and traveling life changed for the better. Check them out!


Travel Packing Hacks

Roll it up. Instead of the usual style of folding your clothes of top of each other, roll them and stack them side by side in your suitcase. This is so great for t-shirts, tank tops, and intimates. It saves you so much space and more room to bring home souvenirs.

Be Bottom Heavy. Pack the heaviest of your things at the bottom of the suitcase near the wheels. Your toiletry bag and shoes will weigh it down nicely and make it easier to pull it around the airport, etc.

Good Use of spaces. Take advantage of all those unused spaces such as inside your shoes, areas alongside the trim areas of your bags. These are great spaces to tuck small items like extra small toiletry or accessories and a flat pair of sandals lay very nicely right along the edge of the suitcase every time.

Bring a Laundry bag. Instead of mixing your dirty clothes right back in your suitcase with your clean ones, simply bring long a small plastic bag or grocery tote bag to store the clothing you have already worn. This makes it easier to just throw them in the laundry all at once when you get home. Another great tip is if you are traveling with two bags, fill one completely with the used clothing and just wheel it into the laundry room when you get home. This is best done if you are traveling by car since airlines may charge you for extra bags.

Cover up your shoes. By using recyclable tote bags or dollar store shower caps, you can keep your shoes covered while tucked away in your suitcase and keep everything clean and tidy.

 Be Smart About Electronics. Keep all your electronic device chargers and chargers in one convenient zipped up bag for everyone traveling with you. It makes it so much easier to keep them all in one place and the panic of “where’s my charger?” at a minimum.

Do Easy Jewelry storage. My favorite hack is using a medium sized weekly pill container for some simple accessories for the trip. You can even go as far and planning them by the day with what outfit you are wearing.

Don’t Over Pack Your Clothes. I always try to pack just one outfit a day, but have found that if I add one top for every bottom, whether it’s a skirt, shorts, or pants, it does help break it up from day to night dressing…just in case.

Don’t let packing up for your next trip cause any stress or worry. Just do a little planning and pick up a few extra low cost things to help get your organized. Also, throw in a few zipped locked type bags into your suitcase too to help keep your toiletries from leaking once you’ve opened them. I learned this the hard way!

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