Tips for going on a Wildflower Hunt

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Living in the Pacific Northwest and growing up in Montana, I am no stranger to seeing so many different kinds of wildflowers. I grew up knowing that spring was truly there when we started seeing them alongside the road as well as the hillside. I have a deep love for wildflowers and have recently started really enjoying taking adventures just to go on wildflower hunts. A wildflower hunt is basically where you go out to where they are and marvel at their beauty as well as snap photos to remember them by. Its a great way to enjoy a spring day and since wildflowers bloom at different times during the season of spring and summer, its a great activity to do any time this time of year. Here are some tips for going on a wildflower hunt.

Tips for Going on a Wildflower Hunt

Get a good camera. It doesn’t need to be professional quality, but a good camera that has a good zoom is best so you can take detailed images of your finds.Be patient, too. You might get lucky and find a bee landing on the flower you are shooting and this can be a great shot if you are lucky enough to capture it.


Don’t pick the wildflowers you find. Not only does it basically just kill the flower as it will often just die within a couple of hours, but sometimes you will get lucky enough to find a rare one and they need all the seeds they can get so they can grow in population currently and in the years to come so others can enjoy them.

Wear sunscreen. This should go without saying, but if you are going to be out all day in the sun, its a good idea to wear it.

Look where the flowers will be. This is usually sunny spots on hills or fields. Sometimes, you will find certain species in shadier areas near open areas, so keep your eyes peeled. Also, some flowers like to grow near water so that is worth looking at as well. Be mindful to stay on trails, though as you don’t want to disrupt the seeds or stomp on budding flowers so they can continue to come back year after year.


Bring a wildflower identification book or app. Unfortunately, most of the good wildflower ID apps are not free, but they are low cost and they are easy to use and can often identify the kind of flower based on the color and where it’s growing.

Go during the right time of day and after it has rained. It is best to see wildflowers after it’s been a bit wet and then a slightly sunny day out. This is when they grow and open at a more rapid rate and you will find more blooms.


Check in your region for when flowers are blooming. Some only bloom during one month, some bloom for a couple and some bloom all season long. Check The Forest service’s Wildflower Map to find out what might be in bloom in your area.

Do a Tick check when you come home right away. Many places you will find wildflowers will also be tick infested. It is important to do a body check and scalp check for ticks right away when you get home.



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