Tick Prevention and How to Remove Ticks

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Tick Prevention and How to Remove Ticks- Preventing ticks from attaching is paramount and knowing how to remove ticks safely is important.

I hate ticks. Not only because they are disgusting little creatures, but because they cause so much disease. They also seem to love me as I find one on me almost every times I go out in the woods. Just a few weeks ago, Spencer and I went out to a wildlife refuge and as we were driving home, he found one crawling behind my ear and told me to be still while I was driving and he snatched it off me. I just sat there and screamed and held on tight to the steering wheel. I am grateful he found it though.

If you are going out into the woods, or any area with tall grass, shrubs or leaves, make sure you do a tick check and try to prevent them. Here are some tips for tick prevention and how to remove ticks if you find them.

Tick Prevention and How to Remove Ticks

Tick Prevention

Wear light colored clothing and long sleeves. Go the extra mile and tuck your pants into your socks. This will keep them from being able to crawl up your pants leg. Also, wear a hat to keep them off your scalp.

Use a tick deterrent such as tea tree oil. Tea tree oil can be used with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil in order to keep them away. Ticks hate the scent of tea tree oil so I use it a lot to wash my dreadlocks.

Eat garlic or take garlic pills. Just as with tea tree, ticks don’t like garlic. You can buy garlic pills if you are not a fan of this taste, but try to take them in the couple of days leading up going out as well as each day you plan to be out.

How to Remove Ticks

There is so much information out there on how to remove ticks, but the truth is, most of it is very wrong. Here are some things you should NOT do to remove ticks:

Don’t pour rubbing alcohol over the tick. This will cause it to want to burrow in.

Don’t try to drown the tick in Vaseline or soap. This will also cause it to dig in deeper.

Don’t touch a tick with a lit match. This will also cause issues with the tick holding on tighter and may make it even harder to remove.

Here are some tips for safely removing a tick:

If the tick is NOT attached, simply grab it with tweezers and soak it in rubbing alcohol to kill it or flush it down the toilet and make sure it goes down.

If the tick is attached, the safest way to remove a tick is to do it with tweezers. Use pointy tweezers to make sure you can get as close to the skin as possible. grab the tick by the head firmly and pull up. Don’t wiggle it or twist it in any way or you could cause it to release any diseases it is carrying even more as well as the head could snap off making it even harder to remove all the way. Alternatively, you could use a Tick Remover Kit to help you get the tick out.


When you have removed the tick, you can either kill it or send it off to be tested. If you have been bitten, it is recommended that you do this. To save the tick, place it in a bag with a zip top and put it in the freezer. The company that does the testing will have further instructions on how to send it off.

Make sure to watch for any signs and symptoms of illness. Lyme disease has a bulls-eye shaped rash often associated with it. However, keep in mind that not everyone who has Lyme disease sees this rash. It is important to see a doctor if you have been bitten and ask them to run tests. The tests for Lyme are not very accurate, though, so watch for symptoms like fatigue and flu like symptoms, body pain and chills. Sometimes symptoms can take days or weeks to show.

Tick prevention and safely removing ticks is very important for outdoor safety. It should be taken very seriously as many ticks carry diseases that are causing life long debilitating illnesses and some can be deadly.

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