Thanksgiving Travel Tips

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Thanksgiving travel tips for the drive, getting there safely with less frustration. Also, when to leave and how to handle any issue that occurs on the road.

Thanksgiving is a huge travel day for many people. For most, it’s a car ride type of trip and this can mean that there will possibly be delays and lots of traffic on the freeways. Here are some Thanksgiving Travel Tips to help you arrive safe and on time for turkey!

Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Go with a good attitude. When traveling, and especially at times when it’s heavy travel for everyone, it is easy to get grumpy, grouchy and just plain mean. Try to keep a good attitude and little bumps in the road won’t be as stressful.

Check the weather report. This is an obvious thing most people do, but don’t just check today’s weather in general. Check what the report says when you expect to be leaving as well as any storms that may be headed your way.

Plan out stops and snacks if you can. This is especially important when traveling with kids. Take a look at your map along the way and plan on places to get out, stretch and eat a bite.

Ask what you can bring to dinner, but make it something that’s shelf stable and not hard to pack. Things like dinner rolls, crackers for the appetizer plates and so on make excellent things to bring. If you will be bringing something that should be refrigerated, make sure you pack it in a cooler.

Make sure you are ready for inclement weather. This is the perfect time to winterize your car and get all the fluids changed. It is also a good time to make sure you have a winter survival kit as well that includes (at the bare minimum) a flashlight, extra blankets, hats/gloves for everyone, water, high calorie shelf stable food, waterproof matches and kitty litter/de-icer. Also, pack some chargers for cell phones that don’t need to be plugged in as well as an emergency cell phone that is fully charged in your kit.

Practice patience. There is no reason to be in such a rush as to risk your life. Leave early and travel on alternate days if you need to. Patience will help you focus on getting there safely rather than just getting there.

See if you can celebrate Thanksgiving on a different day. Did you know the worst day to travel on the roads for thanksgiving is the day before? If you can, pick a different day to travel. Maybe do Thanksgiving the weekend after or even that Friday to avoid the major rush in traffic if you can.



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