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How to Camp More Eco-Friendly

Spring is definitely starting here in the Pacific Northwest and that means we are starting to think about going on our first camping trip of the season! When we go camping, we really try to do it so that we don’t disturb the environment. It seems to make the most sense to us. If you […]

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Camping and Hiking Myths

I grew up camping. I can’t even tell you all the places I have been in the western part of Montana and Idaho. Every family reunion, most weekends in the summer months and many weeks were spent camping or in the outdoors. If you are a camping or hiking newbie, you may have heard a […]

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20 Camping and Hiking Hacks

Millions of people make the decision to get back to nature every year. Connecting with nature is rewarding in so many ways and it’s great to do alone, with friends, or family.  Are you planning a camping or hiking trip this summer? There are so many things to think about, plan and pack. Above all […]

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