Stella’s Cafe

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Stellas cafe

Nestled in a small part just on the outskirts of downtown Spokane, there is a neat little spot called Stella’s Cafe. Spencer and I went there for lunch one day with a friend on her lunch break and it quickly was easy to see why she recommended this place.

stellas spokane

Stella’s Cafe in Spokane, WA

stellas vegan sandwiches

First of all, we loved the atmosphere. The interior was rugged and reminded me of a place that was about to be stripped and it was halted. There is exposed brick from the past as well as an awesome exposed ceiling and amazing art on the walls. It is darker in Stella’s but the darkness is inviting. It sets the atmosphere to chill.

stellas record player

In the corner, I loved that there was a record player that invites patrons to switch things up and play whatever record they want from the great collection. I had Spencer put on Some Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). The tunes played on as we sat down to enjoy the best vegan chocolate muffin I had ever had in my life.

stellas vegan bakery

Stella’s is a perfect spot for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike. There is everything from the Vegan Banhmi, to the classic turkey sandwich. The soups are scratch made and this makes all the difference. Each sandwich is served with some salty Tim’s chips and a smile.

stellas vegan lunch

We got lucky and even met Stella herself. She is a friendly women with an earth goddess aura about her that sets you at ease and makes you feel at home. And she’s a damn good baker. Did I mention those cupcakes were the best?

stellas downtown spokane

If you happen to be in Spokane for the day or you live here and for some reason have never heard or Stella’s Cafe, just look for the big orange door at it’s home at 917 W Broadway. They are open M-F 10 am to 4 pm and Sat 11-3, closed Sunday. The food is low price and tastes much better than you would expect for what you pay. She really has a great little place going.

stellas spokane vegan

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