Solo Travel Tips for Women

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I went on my first solo travel trip just a few months ago at the age of 34. I will admit, many younger women are much braver than I and they have done solo trips in their 20’s. Because I have some health issues, as well as anxiety about traveling alone, it took me a while to work up to this. Once I did, though, I can honestly say it was so freeing! I wish I had done it sooner. If you are about to embark on a solo trip of your own as a female, here are some tips I learned along the way.

Solo Travel Tips for Women

Be careful with your stuff– This is pretty much a given, but you want to make sure you are not a target for theft or robbery by protecting what is yours. Don’t carry handbags that just have shoulder or hand held straps. These are easy to steal on the go. Instead, carry minimal stuff with you in a shoulder/cross body style bag. Also, wear good shoes for moving. Skip high heels if possible in case you need to get away. Don’t tell others that you are alone or invite strangers to your hotel room. This is often how solo travelers get robbed, both male and female.

Travel during the day if you can– Take day flights, day bus trips and travel in the places you go during the day. It’s well known that night time is the time when many crimes happen so one way to avoid this is to only travel during the day. If you must be out at night, try to find a ‘tribe’ to be with (aka other solo travelers you meet in your hotel, perhaps?).

Walk with confidence and try to blend in with the locals– Walk with your head and chin up and don’t walk around on your phone. Because you are distracted, you create an easy target in yourself if you are not paying attention. Try not to wear clothing that makes you look like you don’t belong.

Stay in touch with people back home– I called my husband in the morning and in the evening while I was gone. I also stayed in contact via social media so people knew I was safe and to share my fun along the way. Let close friends and family know your travel details such as what hotel you are staying at and your flight times as well as plans for each day. That way, if something should happen, someone has an idea of where you were supposed to be.

Stay organized– I am a Type A personality so that means I am almost overly organized. This worked to my advantage on my recent solo trip. I took a ‘note’ in my phone that included my hotel’s address and phone number, the conference I was going to’s address, locations I wanted to see, etc. I tried to stay super organized and this helped me feel less anxious.

Do a lot of research– I can’t tell you enough how important research is for the solo traveler. You will of course want to know where to eat and what to do, but you should also research areas of high crime (so you know what neighborhoods to stay out of) as well as local weather so you know what to pack. Do you research on blogs. These will often have more candid reviews of areas than travel sites. For instance, I wrote a post about safety in the French Quarter on New Orleans.

Don’t feel like you are alone– This is enough to freak anyone out. Instead, be open to meeting people, because you will and I promise it won’t just be creepy guys hitting on you. Just use common sense. If your radar inside of you is telling you something is off, it probably is. Don’t take a chance.


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