How to Save Money with Airbnb

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When traveling, most people think there is really only one option; a hotel. This is far from the truth and you don’t have to spend more to stay somewhere else. In fact, staying with Airbnb is actually a way to save even more money.Airbnb is a website that allows just about anyone to use a spare room or guest house they won and turn it into a bed and breakfast. This is a excellent way for travelers to save money and for homeowners to make it. If you want to maximize savings with Airbnb, here are some tips to help you save money with Airbnb.


How to Save Money with AirBnB


Book early or late– Booking Early can help you get the best selection and ultimately, the best prices in the area for the time you need a room.On the other hand, if you book late, you may be able to see some dropped prices, depending on your destination, because hosts want to fill their rooms last minute. After all, losing some money is better than losing all of it with an empty room.

Make sure you look at all the costs of each stay– Unlike with hotels, many of the costs are not included in a room price on Airbnb. This doesn’t mean the rooms are always more expensive, but it can mean more upfront cost and more overall cost if you don’t pay attention.Look for rooms without deposits or at least low cost ones and check for cleaning fees.

Split the cost– Whats’ great about Airbnb is you can usually find rooms that are in fact whole apartments or even homes. If you split the cost with a group of friends or family, you can really lower the cost by a lot.

Get a place with all the amenities– Some places really offer some great amenities you often don’t find at standard hotels. This can include things like a full kitchen. If you have one to use, you can save on costs of eating out on your trip by cooking at your place of stay. You might also look for things like movie collections, parks nearby and even use of pools.

Try negotiating during slower months– Many hosts naturally lower their prices in the slower months (usually cooler times of year), but this is also a great time to negotiate for a better rate as well.

Look for savings codes online– Did you know you can actually find amazing Airbnb savings online? I have seen $50 a first booking, 25% off an entire stay and even free nights! Just do a google search for Airbnb coupon codes.


Whatever you do, don’t contact the hosts off the site and try to circumvent a deal. This not only is against Airbnb rules, but it makes you look like a creeper and a stalker and you have to remember these people are opening up their home to strangers in most cases.

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