How to Responsibly Camp Off Grid

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Off the grid camping (sometimes called dispersed camping) is one of my favorite ways to get outdoors and enjoy mother nature. Most of the time it is on free land (BLM land in many cases) so I don’t have to pay for a spot. It is very primitive, but that doesn’t bother me and I have no problem going without things like plumbing and WiFi. Are you wanting to do some off grid camping yourself but not sure how to go about it? Here are some tips on how to responsibly camp off grid.

How to Responsibly Camp Off Grid

Rule Number 1: Pack it in, Pack it out– Everything you bring in with you must be removed by you. Even fruit peels, toilet paper and things you think are natural or biodegradable. The Eco-systems of these areas are dependent on it. Also, this preserves the wild for others to enjoy without having to run into evidence others were there shortly before them.

Do not camp directly on the water shores– Try to stay at least 200 feet from any water source. This is because the soil and plants in these areas are often unstable as it is and they need you to help preserve them. It is also for safety as you wouldn’t want to get washed out.

Try to pick a spot that will not disturb too much local foliage-This means trying to find an area that has mostly dirt to camp on top of as well as one that is not just directly in the middle of a meadow. If you must camp in heavy trees, try to find an area that won’t be too disturbed by your staying there.

Know the fire restrictions and follow them– It is vital that you check with what seasonal restrictions are in place for fires before you start one or plan on starting one. Also, if you do make a campfire, try to use any existing stones or rings as well as not doing it directly on top of any dead wood as this can quickly become a fire hazard but the bugs also need this as their home and food. Instead, build your fire on a fire pan if you can.

Dispose of human waste properly-Solid human waste needs to be disposed of properly because it can contaminate water sources. Dig a hole that is 6 inches deep and cover with dirt. Take your toilet paper with you and don’t leave it. Create a way to dispose of it at camp so you can pack it out in a sanitary way.

Use bio-degradable soaps– Many soaps can be bad for our Eco-systems. Make sure you use a soap made for off grid camping that is safe for water and the natural setting you are in. Never use the soap directly in the body of water, though.

Always treat water you drink– No matter where you go or how clear the water looks never drink it without treating it first. You can either boil it until it is a very rapid boil and then allowing it to cool or you can buy water purification tablets or water purification devices.

Remember, to preserve our natural areas and the wildlife in them, we all need to act responsibly.

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