How to Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

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How to Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

As the weather gets a little bit warmer and the Spring and Summer months get us excited to get on the road, make sure your car is ready too! There is nothing like a road trip that goes nowhere. Here are some great tips on what to do to get your car road trip ready.

How to Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

Check in with your mechanic. If you can swing it, have your local mechanic give your car a checkup before going on a long road trip. Some oil and lube places do 20 point inspections that are perfect for a quick check.

Change oil and filter. If you are the handy one, go ahead and change your oil or take it to a shop for an oil change. They can also check your fluids and tires as well.

Get roadside assistance. If you don’t already have it, get some sort of roadside assistance plan to help you in case of any emergencies while on your trip.

Pack paperwork. Make sure you have all your insurance and car registration paperwork packed somewhere convenient in case you need it during your trip.

Owner’s manual. If you have never read your owner’s manual, now is the time to give it a once over. Just having a better idea of the workings of your car, especially the computerized signals that can come on, can be a great help.

Spare tire. Check the status of your spare tire and make sure that it is full. You should also have a tire iron and jack in your trunk in case you get that dreaded flat tire alongside the road.

Spare key. Have a spare key available while on your road trip too. It would be no fun to be stuck with lost keys!

Gas up. Keep your gas tank over half full, if not completely full, on your long trip if you can because you will get much better gas mileage. Oh, and you could be out in the middle of nowhere at some point and need gas!

Check oil. Go ahead and check your oil daily and make sure all the fluids are still full.

GPS system. These days, most of our smart phones have excellent navigation applications so use them whenever you can to keep you in the right direction. They are also great for finding nearby gas stations, restaurants, and rest areas.

Survival Kit. Put together an emergency roadside kit that includes items like a flashlight with new batteries, a blanket, some food and water. A portable fully charged cell phone charger would be a great addition as well.

Road trips are a lot of fun and can be a wonderful way to create memories. You just want them to be great memories and not road trip nightmares. Just be prepared and have fun!

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