Hotel Hacks

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Hotel Hacks- Get the most out of your stay at any hotel with these hotel hacks to make your room more homey, frugal and useful.

When staying in hotels, it can feel both comforting or uneasy. If you are anything like me, you worry you will forget something fr your trip or you obsess over making sure you are getting the absolute best rate. Since you are not home, you may wonder how you will do some of your normal routine or how your hotel room could help you save even more money. Well, after staying in hotels and making mistakes as well as fine tuning many things, I have come up with some hotel hacks to help you make the most of your room and stay no matter how long you are planning on being there as well as scoured the net looking for more hotel tips from travelers.

Hotel Hacks

Get a account and use it to get free nights– I joined a couple of years ago and with your free membership comes a free night with every 10 nights booked through their site. I have redeemed several free nights now and I think it’s a great program, even for the infrequent traveler. Plus, on my last trip to New Orleans, I used their lowest price guarantee and got about $40 taken off my overall stay. The price I booked at was less the day before I left on my trip, so I called them and they matched it!

If you can, bring along an Instant Pot to save money on meals. It is easy to make entire meals in it and they are fast, too. This is obviously best for trips where you will be traveling by car, and for more than a night or two but totally a great way to feed the whole family for much cheaper than eating out. If you don’t want to do that, at least get a room with a kitchenette. The mini fridge and microwave will come in handy for quick breakfasts and lunches.

Ask about what you can borrow– Some hotels have home amenities for guests to borrow such as fans, irons, crock-pots, gaming systems, fitness gear, hair dryers and more. If you will be staying longer term, ask what is available.

Make a quick breakfast in the morning of oatmeal with bananas– you don’t even need a kitchenette for this one! You can make t using the coffee pot that is provided in each room.

Charge your phone on the TV– Most new TVs have USB jacks and they are perfect for charging your phone on if you run out of plugs.

Take as many freebies as you can from the hotel and ask for more– They are included in the cost of your room and often they are premium brands. Plus, they’re the perfect size for plane trips.

Ask the front desk for coupons– Often, local restaurants and tourist spots will work with hotels to try to advertise to their guests by dropping off coupons or offering discounts to those staying at the hotel. When you check in, make sure to ask if there are any available. I have gotten BOGO meals, 50% off discounts on attractions and even free appetizers.

Don’t pay extra for room service– Most any restaurant that delivers in the area will deliver to you at your hotel room. Skip paying extra for room service and get a pizza or Chinese take-out instead.

On your last day, enjoy the day out without your luggage– Most hotels, even cheaper or mid-grade ones, will gladly hold your bags for several hours after you check out so you can explore the area one last time and not drag around your stuff. Make sure to tip if they allow this!

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