Evening Light Lavender Festival

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Last year, we attended the Evening Light Lavender Festival just a short drive north of Spokane, WA, where we reside. I love festivals of any kind and when it comes to festivals that happen to do with one of my favorite flowers, I am all in. The festival was the first annual one and is being done again this year. Here are some of the highlights of the Evening Light Lavender Festival so you have time to make plans to go this year when it happens in just a few weeks.

Evening Light Lavender Festival

Some things to know about Evening Light Lavender:

-They are a certified organic lavender farm. they strive to create a place where people can get away from the city and just enjoy a quiet and beautiful atmosphere. The farm is open to the public from May 1 through September 30.

-They host events such as weddings.

-There are approximately 40 different types of lavender on the farm in about 1,000 plants.

-Make sure you check out their store, too. They sell lotions, facial care and soaps as well as candles and other lavender goods.

-Check them out for classes and workshops on all things lavender!

About the Evening Light lavender Festival:

The festival was an amazing way to spend the afternoon. There were purple (very fitting!) tents set up with shaded seating as well as vendors. There were only a couple set up last year, but I suspect and hope there will be more this year since it’s the second year.

The festival is obviously surrounded by the lavender plants and I can’t even begin to describe to you how absolutely serene the festival is. On the date of the festival last year, we had a slight breeze all day and this lended itself to sending the lavender all throughout the air. If you have never seen lavender growing in large fields, it is a gorgeous sight to be taken in, especially when surrounded by pines.

I actually just sat out in the U-Pick field for a time because I loved the scent in the air and I felt incredibly grounded there. You know those times in your life where you make a mental note because some place is now a “happy place”? I was doing that while I sat there.

Among the activities and food there was U-pick lavender, which I still have this bunch a year later, as well as lavender themed treats such as Lavender Lemon aid and Iced Tea. My favorite, however, was the Lavender Ice Cream. This was truly a tasting adventure everyone should embark on.

I missed out because I was too busy enjoying the U-Pick section, but there was also demonstration of distillers used for making Lavender essential oil as well.

Tips for Picking Your Own Lavender:

Make sure to cut lavender a few inches above the woody growth as to not injure the plant.

You can use a harvesting knife (a small curved blade) or a pair of sharp scissors. Evening Light Lavender will supply them if you come to pick at the festival.

Cutting earlier in the day is best if you want to preserve a lot of essential oils in the flower as the sun will tend to dry them out.

Unless you are allergic to bees, don’t worry about them near you when harvesting. They are after the flowers, not you and will mostly leave you alone if you leave them alone.

to dry it out, hang in small bunches upside-down.


If you happen to be in the area this year, the Evening Light Lavender Festival is the perfect way to spend a day in the country enjoying good, clean fun for the whole family! Other activities included this year:

Live Music

Kid’s Activities

and of course the U-Pick Lavender, food and handcrafted items vendors, the store, as well as lavender Ice cream and other lavender treats!

The festival dates for 2017 are Two days this year! July 8-9th and you can find Evening Light Lavender on Facebook for more information.The festival is free but they do a donation each year as entry. Last year it was non-perishables. This year it is a pair of  socks for the homeless charity, Blessings Under the Bridge.


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