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Little Garden Cafe

Up the road from my husband’s work is a place called The Little Garden Cafe. This small coffee shop/kitchen is nestled right across the street from the Audubon park in the Audubon area of north Spokane and is a perfect little place to stop in for a quick lunch and some really good coffee. We […]

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The Blackbird Restaurant Review

I am lucky to live in an area with lots of farm-to-table establishments. For me, this is exactly why I like to support local restaurants. These kinds of places not only support local money staying local, but the offerings of local farms allows me to indirectly support them as well. This leads to fresher food […]

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Stella’s Cafe

Nestled in a small part just on the outskirts of downtown Spokane, there is a neat little spot called Stella’s Cafe. Spencer and I went there for lunch one day with a friend on her lunch break and it quickly was easy to see why she recommended this place. Stella’s Cafe in Spokane, WA First […]

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