Camping and Hiking Myths

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Camping and Hiking Myths- Let's settle some of these silly campfire stories and outdoor tales shall we and then get out there and enjoy the forest!

I grew up camping. I can’t even tell you all the places I have been in the western part of Montana and Idaho. Every family reunion, most weekends in the summer months and many weeks were spent camping or in the outdoors. If you are a camping or hiking newbie, you may have heard a lot of tales out there that are just not true about either activity. I thought I could hep you out by dispelling some of the most heard camping and hiking myths that will help you have a more enjoyable and in some cases, safer, time.

Camping and Hiking Myths

Small children and Babies are too young to enjoy camping– This is so not true! I know friends that take their 3 month old infants hiking and camping. Babies will enjoy the new sights and sounds and lots of nap time. Small children will be fascinated by all the new textures and smells of the forest. This is actually a great thing to do because it gets them used to enjoying the outdoors at a young age.

You must really go far for a great campsite or pay for one– NOT true. You can actually probably find an excellent spot within 20 minutes outside any city, actually! And you can definitely camp for free. Make sure you check out our post on how to camp for free.

Bears will get me if I’m on my period– This one really makes me laugh. Just because someone happened to be attacked on their period doesn’t mean bears are attracted to women on their periods. In fact, studies show bears are no more attracted to women on their periods than not.Make sure you do check out these real safety tips for hiking in bear country.

You can’t go camping in the winter– You actually can- it just takes some skills and extra gear made for the sport. There are sleeping bags and other gear that are made for colder temperature, in fact. Check out our post on winter camping tips for more.

Electronics and phones have no place in the outdoors– Again, this is not true. Many outdoors-people like to say that if you truly want to enjoy the outdoors than these distracting devices must be left at home, but I can tell you that bringing my phone is something I always do, even if its just to be able to take pictures. Pus, there are so many camping apps out there!

Saying certain chants to keep smoke away and other silly tales– Did you hear that saying “White Rabbit, White Rabbit” if smoke from your campfire comes your way will make it change directions? How about putting a rope around your site to keep bears away? What about keeping insects away with banana peels? Sorry to inform you, but none of this is true. These are simply put- campfire stories.

You can burn or drown a tick if you find one attached to you– Not only is this incorrect information, it could potentially be dangerous. The only way to safely remove a tick is to grasp it close to the head and pull up and straight out.

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