The Blackbird Restaurant Review

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I am lucky to live in an area with lots of farm-to-table establishments. For me, this is exactly why I like to support local restaurants. These kinds of places not only support local money staying local, but the offerings of local farms allows me to indirectly support them as well. This leads to fresher food and more regional cuisine. I was recently given the opportunity to try The Blackbird, a restaurant in Spokane, WA, that offers an expirience just like this. Here are my thoughts on my trip there.

The BlackBird Restaurant Review


The atmosphere: I really did love the atmosphere when we walked in. The bold walls and the raw, yet modern feeling when you first walk in is creates a casual and hip apperance. On the walls, you can see some of the old bricks from the original building. (The Blackbird is in an old dairy processing plant) The tables and chairs are in bold and dark colors adding to the modern feel. On the wall near the open kitchen is a nice rendering of some blackbirds. I thought this was a nice touch.

The ceiling is reclaimed wood. I absolutely adored this feature as it makes the ceiling feel rustic.

The bar area is incredible. I had actually never seen a digital tap like this before. There were so many craft beers and ciders to choose from and this design looks clean.

The Blackbird also features a seasonal patio to enjoy. You must enter inside and then be seated out there. That’s pretty standard. We were offered the opportunity to sit there, but it was over 100 degrees the day we went so we opted for air conditioning.

What we ordered:

We started with Mac n Cheese. This was made with truffle,fontina and smoked shoulder bacon and is served hot and in a cast iron skillet. I have to say I wasn’t a fan of this and was disapointed. I felt the pasta was entirely too chewy and the bacon only added to this texture due to it being high fat. The taste was incredible, though. Spencer enjoyed this dish and felt us was good.

For our entrees, we had burgers since it was lunch. I opted for the Mi Mi. This is local Gebbler’s beef,┬ásmoked shoulder bacon, candied bacon, Oregon White Cheddar, and pea shoots. Spencer decided to try the Bison burger which was North Idaho Bison, cherry rhubarb jam, popcorn shoots, and smoked blue cheese. These burgers were incredible! On the Mi Mi, the candied bacon was heaven. It had wonderful caramelization on it and went amazingly well with the white cheddar.I enjoyed the pea shoots on there as well because they added a great fresh and earthy taste to the already mouth-watering burger expirience.

Spencer’s BIson burger was an exprience to say the least. I was skeptical over what popcorn shoots were and how they would go with cherry rhubarb jam on a burger, but they were so exceptionally delightful together. The cherry rhubard jam was especially captivating.Both burgers were well seasoned and perfect on the salt levels.

We finished off our meals by sharing a cider they had on tap. Unfortunately, they were out of most of the ones we were initially offered by our server. This was mildly disapointing.

What they did perfectly right:

They had friendly service. Our server was very on it when it came to filling drinks and checking back with us. The atmosphere was delightful. I loved how the food was served, on cutting boards. That was a nice and interesting touch. The restaurant was clean and a comfortable temperature. I think they embody modern and hip perfectly well. The fusion of flavors and new delights was on point. I enjoyed my meal and so did my dining partner.

What they could improve on:

I think that prices are slightly a bit steep. The burgers were around $15 and this included no sides or fries or anything. If we wanted to add an order of fries it would have been an additional $5 (albiet they were fancier than regular fries as they are topped with garlic oils, salt and pepper and fresh herbs and they are hand cut). Our lunch with two burgers, one shared drink from the tap and some Mac n Cheese came to just over $60 with a tip. This is more than I would normally be comfortable spending on lunch for so little food.

Do we recommend The Blackbird?

We absolutely recommend this establishment. It was a great expirience and the burgers were amazing; and that’s coming from a couple that considers themselves burger conesouirs.

There is a Happy Hour at The Blackbird from 3-6 pm with a bar snack menu if you are interested in giving them a try and checking out the place.

You can find The Blackbird at 905 n Washington St in Spokane, WA. Make sure to also check them out on Facebook.



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