Best Western Bayou Inn of New Orleans (review)

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Best Western Bayou Inn of New Orleans (Review)- Consider staying at this family friendly hotel the next time you come through the NOLA area.

I had the pleasure of traveling to New Orleans in December and while there were many great choices for hotels in the area, I was on a budget and that meant I needed to find a hotel that would work for it. I wasn’t willing to stay somewhere that was super cheap as I would be there for 5 nights and wanted to be comfortable and I was lucky to get a room-mate since I was going to a work related conference, so it needed to work for both of us.

Luckily, I found the Best Western Bayou Inn. I am someone that pays attention to reviews on websites before I book hotels and specifically, I look at the most recent. The Bayou Inn had some mixed reviews, but overall, the problems folks encountered were minor in my opinion, so I decided to book as I found the hotel offered a great value.



Best Western Bayou Inn of New Orleans

The room was very reasonably priced. Now, granted I came during an off-peak time at the beginning of December, but for what I got with this room, I was super impressed. I ended up paying less than 75 dollars a night on average. With all the perks, this was phenomenal.

The room was a double queen and the bed was extremely comfortable. The pillows were fluffy and clean. After long days checking New Orleans or going to the conference, this bed was well received.

hotel room

I really enjoyed having a mini fridge and microwave in the room. Although I didn’t really use the microwave, it would have really come in handy had needed to and was included in all of the rooms. The mini-fridge was really handy and I did use that to store leftovers from breakfast and drinks.

hotel minifridge

I am always skeptical of hotel bathrooms as I have come across some real nightmares before.  (Trust me, I have stories!) The Best Western Bayou Inn’s bathroom was not only spotless and well stocked, but I was extremely excited to see they offered environmentally friendly personal use items.

hotel bathroom

My favorite part of the stay was the breakfast and breakfast area. It was so extensive and delicious. You could make your own waffles, oatmeal and cereals and there was also a rotating menu of hot foods such as breakfast meats, eggs, grits and hash browns as well.

hotel breakfast

I loved all the fresh fruit and simple offerings like yogurt as well as juice and coffee. For all of this to be included in the price of the room makes this hotel a great value for families.

hotel breakfast room

The room where breakfast was served was painted in bright colors and featured a local artist’s works. I loved the NOLA touches in the room.

The staff at the Best Western Bayou Inn was excellent. I found they were very helpful in suggesting transportation, things to do and at the end of my stay, they even held my luggage for a couple of hours after I checked out since my plane did not leave until that evening. They were extremely accommodating. Each night, they had cookies or some other goodie like cheese and crackers at the front desk as well and there was always fresh lemon aid.There was a misunderstanding about splitting the room with my room-mate but it was quickly remedied.

There was also a salt-water pool, but it wasn’t warm enough to use it. It was very nice looking, though and appeared well maintained.

hotel pool

Overall, this hotel is a great value. I would most defiantly stay here again. One thing I should mention is this hotel is in the suburbs of NOLA in Westwego, so it is about a 10-12 minutes drive to downtown NOLA, but I took Ubers the entire time and found there was always a driver within 5 minutes from me. The price of the Uber was about 15 dollars to downtown and 23 to the airport. This is much cheaper than cabs in the area and ended up being slightly cheaper than renting a car for the week when you consider gas and parking downtown.Parking is free at the hotel, though.

The hotel was quiet other than the minor hum of the expressway near i, but I could not hear it in my room. There was a cheerleading kid’s group staying there when I was there and I didn’t hear a peep out of them while in my room.

I also enjoyed the fact that there was a gas station next to it. Great for late night snacks. About 1/2 block away is also a Family dollar for those things you forgot to bring.

You can reach the Best Western Bayou Inn at (504) 304-7980. Their address is 9008 Westbank Expy, Westwego, LA 70094.


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