9 Tips for Fall Camping

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9 Tips for Fall Camping- Camping in the fall can be great because there are less crowds and the trees are beautiful, so here are some fall camping tips.

Crisp Autumn air, beautiful fall leaves crunching between your feet and cool air brushing through your hair; fall is the perfect time for camping. I really like fall camping because it’s a little cooler and there tend to be less pesky bugs to deal with. With that being said, here are 9 tips for fall camping!

9 Tips for Fall Camping

#1 Plan for Fall Colors

One of the best reasons to camp in the fall is the beautiful fall colors. With picturesque views of a perfectly painted landscape of oranges, reds, and browns, you won’t find a more beautiful time to camp. However, in order to really enjoy a fall experience, you will want to camp in mid-September through October.

#2 Prepare for Weather Changes

In the fall, the weather can change pretty quickly. Not only is weather a little spotty, but a warm 70-degree day can turn into a cool 30-degree evening.

Prepare for the weather to change by packing a variety of clothing options such as:
Long sleeve shirts
Water resistant shoes
Thermal underwear
Wicking socks

#3 Invest in a three Season Tent

Because the weather can be a little up and down, investing in a good three-season tent will make camping in the fall a breeze. Get one with a great rain fly to keep moisture out and warmth in. As summer fades out, the dew thickens and it’s important to have a good tent that can withstand any weather conditions.

#4 Get Some Sleeping Pads

Even if you sleep on an air mattress instead of directly on the ground, it’s important to get sleeping pads. Sleeping pads are essential to keeping heat in while your sleeping. Heat can easily be lost from the thin lining of the bottom of your tent.

#5 Pack Disposable Dishes

Washing dishes in the stream may be a little cold during the fall months. If you plan on cooking out, bring disposable dishes that you can throw in a garbage bag at the end of your trip.

#6 Remember to Bring a Survival Kit

Like all camping experiences, you never know what you will encounter. Be prepared for anything with a survival kit. Here are a few essentials to keep in mind:
Flashlights and light sources
Waterproof matches
Toilet paper (leaves don’t work too well)
Water purification tablets (you can only live 72 hours without water)
Duct tape
Fire starters (lint, Vaseline-soaked cotton balls, or wood shavings)
Pocketknife to cut wood

#7 Bring a cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Fall brings cooler nights. You will want a cold weather sleeping bag that is designed to keep you warm in extreme temperatures from 0-30 degrees. Sleeping bags that cling closer and offer a hood at the top work the best at keeping heat in.

#8 Make sure you Check with the campgrounds/recreation areas to make sure they will still be open during your dates.

Many camping areas close right after labor day, so be sure that where you are planning to go will still have open dates. Also, you may get lucky and get discounted camping but be aware that in campgrounds that are not primitive already, you may not have running water or trash service you planned on.

#9 Be aware of Wildlife and their changing behavior patterns-

In the fall, many animals like bears are getting ready for the long winter hibernation. This may cause them to be more hungry and bold when approaching humans. Be sure to keep this in mind and plan accordingly.

When it comes to fall camping, it can be one of the most beautiful, relaxing experiences.




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