8 Eco Activities for Earth Day for Adults

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8 Eco-Activities for Earth Day for Adults- There are a ton of suggestions for celebrating Earth Day with kids out there. Here's some earth day adult ideas!

Earth Day is on April 22. For me, since I am such an outdoor and nature enthusiast, Earth Day is an important day about Eco-education and more so for getting out into mother nature and enjoying her and taking all of the beauty in. It is also a day to examine how we can reduce our carbon footprint.

My family loves to get out and enjoy an Eco-activity on Earth day if at all possible and I wanted to make a list of potential activities you could do with your family as well as ones we have done in years past. Let’s love our mother with these activities for earth day that adults will enjoy, too!

8 Eco Activities for Earth Day for Adults

Do some trail clean-up– Many local forest service trails as well as city and county trails need cleaning up after Spring runoff is getting over with. Earth day is a perfect day to do this. You don’t need to formally do it with the forest service’s ‘permission’, but I don’t think they would tell you no if you asked.

Get crafty and use some recyclables to create something. Just go to Pinterest and search “Upcycled Crafts”. I found a ton of them when I did. This is a great way to spend the day if it happens to be raining.

Host a neighborhood cleanup- Get your neighbors together and host a cleanup party for the whole neighborhood. Have a potluck and then hit the pavement to clean up garbage in the area. Alternatively, you can help an elderly neighbor clean their yard.

Attend a local festival– I am lucky that the Pacific Northwest has a host of Earth Day activities and one of them is a local Earth Day Celebration. There are booths set up with education for kids and adults, crafts, music, food and venders. They even had shirts that were upcycled. I had a blast last year.

Pick a Way to Go Green and Go with it- What is one way you could make Earth day everyday at your home? Earth day is a perfect day to choose something to do that will enhance your efforts to go green.

Spend the day planting– In years past, I have enjoyed just taking a day to plant seeds, seedlings, trees and enjoy the weather. This was definitely a great way to spend the holiday.

Visit a recycling plant– Often times, recycling plants will do tours as a way of educating the general public and children. Sometimes, they even host them on Earth day. Call your local plant to find out if they have any activities planned. Additionally, ask them if they wouldn’t mind allowing a tour on Earth day if they don’t have one planned.You may even be able to make some money by bringing your own recyclables.

Go Bird Watching– This activity is fun no matter what time of year, but in April, I find it’s a great time. And Earth day is a perfect excuse to do this fun and relaxing activity.

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