7 Tips for Traveling with Chronic Pain

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This post has been sponsored by Healing Arts Garden. All opinions are my own.

I have been dealing with chronic pain for many years. This has caused me some major issues over the years with travel time no matter how I choose to get somewhere whether it be car, plane or bus. Fortunately, it has also taught me how to deal with a bunch of issues that have risen up from combining chronic pain and travel. Since travel and the outdoors are a huge source of joy for me, I devised some ways I personally deal with chronic pain and traveling and I hope they are helpful for you.


7 Tip for Traveling with Chronic Pain

Pack a ‘care kit’ if possible– I bring along a ‘kit’ of things that I will need or possibly need for my comfort in my carry-on or travel purse every time I go somewhere on a trip. It isn’t complicated and can vary depending on your own needs but in general, I bring along:

A sleep mask

Pain Medications

Lip Balm

Cozy socks

Something to distract- a magazine, good book, tablet etc

Comfort snack

Try a biomat in the car or on a bus– I am blessed enough to have been sent a Mini mat biomat from Healing Arts Garden last year and it has been my car travel buddy for a while now. If you haven’t tried a biomat, you really should. It’s not just a glorified heating pad. It actually penetrates deep (up to 6 inches!) into the body to really get to those deep tissue pains. The great thing about the mini biomat is it can be used in a car with a converter kit that plugs right into the cigarette lighter. If money is an issue with paying for a biomat, they offer financing and open box discounts on biomats.

Plan stops along the way– I specifically plan spots we will stop at along the way so I can get out and stretch and walk around. I find this really tends to help with cramping and nerve pain I deal with. When we go on trips, I make sure to plan for it to take far longer than the map says it should take so we have time for these stops. For instance, if the map says we are 4 hours from our destination, I plan the trip to take at least 6. We have gotten good at choosing spots that will be fun to stop at like roadside attractions, etc.

Take all of your medications with you in an easy to access bag– No matter how you travel, make sure all of your medications come with you in a carry on bag. That way, should something happen to your checked bags, you will at least have all of them and won’t be scrambling to get scripts in other states.  (Something you likely won’t be able to do if you have pain medications!) This applies even if you are traveling by car. That way, worst case scenario, you have them on you.

Stay Hydrated– Travel really dehydrates a person very quickly, especially if traveling by air. Make sure to stay well-hydrated so you can avoid any hydration complications that could further make you tired, achy or in pain.

If you can afford to, book a good hotel and direct flights– Make sure that you research hotels with the amenities you want. Look for comfortable, upgraded mattresses, mini-fridges in your room for meds and food, and if possible, ask for the room for disabled folks if it happens to be open at check-in so you can get handles on the tub and toilet. Book first class flight tickets if you can afford to since they tend to offer slightly more foot room and first off the flight as well as blankets. You can find first class tickets for cheap if you know what you are doing.

Dress for complete comfort– Don’t worry how silly you may look. If possible, get an outfit that you only wear for travel. i tend to stick with non-constricting things that breathe well (so I don’t get over-heated).

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