6 Tips for Having Stress Free Flights

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Ashley is guest writing about stress free flights today. Check out her tips below for your next trip.

Flights can cause a lot of stress. Having to take off certain items of clothing, pulling all of your electronic devices out, and the possibility of being put in the big scanner. Take the hassle out of flight with these six tips for having stress free flights.


6 Tips for Having Stress-Free Flights


#1 Know what you can take on the plane:

What you can take on a plane, and what is prohibited, changes fairly often. It’s best to check the regulations before leaving for the airport. This will help to alleviate any surprises.


#2 Wear shoes that are easy to remove:

When going through security we all know we are going to have to take our shoes off. If it’s summer, wear flip flops, and if it’s winter, wear slip-on shoes. Not being able to quickly and easily get your shoes on and off can cause a lot of stress!


#3 Have a Small carry on:

Having a small and light carry-on is great. You have less bulk to carry around and you will be able to more easily find a place to store it in the overhead compartment.

#4 Bring snacks for a Stress-Free Flight:

Depending on how long your flight is, they will offer snacks. However, a bag of stale pretzels just doesn’t cut it. Bring healthy snacks with you that are not liquid. Being hungry can make you feel pretty stressed, so make sure you remain calm by keeping your stomach full.

#5 Bring a Preloaded tablet:

Preload a tablet with games, movies, and books. Just make sure none of your apps need WIFI to function. This is especially invaluable when you are traveling with children.

#6 TSA Precheck:

TSA Precheck is an easier and faster way to get through security. Go to this website and apply. You will have to have a background check done, but that is a small price to pay for only having a five minute or less wait at security. It does cost $85, but that is for a five-year membership, but you don’t have to remove shoes, jackets, belts, liquids, etc. It’s really worth it and makes for a really stress-free flight!


No one likes the stress of getting ready for a flight. With these tips, you should be able to move through security in a breeze and make it onto the plane for a completely stress-free flight experience. Happy flying!

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