5 Reasons to visit Missoula, Montana in the Winter

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5 Reasons to visit missoula montana in the winter

I am a native Missoulian, and although I live in Spokane now, I can tell you that Missoula will always be my home. Now, something you should know about Missoulians; although they are a friendly bunch, there are lots of jokes about tourists with the Missoulians that are born and raised there. I mean, Montana itself is know as “The Last Best Place”, and Missoulians like to keep it that way. However, don’t let the possible whispers about you being a tourist keep you from enjoying the place this winter. Missoulians also love to see people marvel at the place they call home. Here are 5 reasons to visit Missoula, Montana in the winter.

5 Reasons to Visit Missoula, Montana in the Winter

Griz Games- Missoulians love their college football and you can see the whole town come to life when the “Griz” (short for University of Montana Grizzlies)  play a home game. You will think you are headed to an NFL game with how lively the fans get! Going to a Griz home game is a right of passage for most Missoulians.

They have an indoor ‘Farmer’s Market’- You wouldn’t think Missoula is the place to find a good farmer’s market in the winter, but they have one! You will find some local cold weather produce and goods as well as handmade items at this Fairgrounds event. Find more information at www.missoulafairgrounds.com

You can shop for holiday gifts tax-free– That’s right! There is absolutely no sales tax in Missoula so you can do all of your Christmas shopping and take it home without spending extra! Make sure you check out the downtown area for local shops that feature many local artisans as well.

Speaking of shopping, Downtown Missoula is whimsical during the holiday season. Make sure you check out the great store window displays, take in a hot drink or two from any of the many coffee shops in the area and join the Florence Hotel for the Festival of Trees. You could also check out the Parade of Lights while in the area, too!

Ski until your heart’s content– There are numerous ski resorts within minutes of Missoula, so you could get to one in less time than you think. Check out Snowbowl, Discovery Ski and Lost Trail Powder Mountain; all within 100 miles or less of Missoula.


3 comments on “5 Reasons to visit Missoula, Montana in the Winter”

  1. Fatema says:

    This is the first time I have heard of this place. One more item on my bucket list♡

  2. Carmela from Seeker says:

    Haven’t been but your reasons make me want to visit soon!

  3. Awesome, I’m from Seattle originally, and agree Montana should be at the top of the bucket list for any NW skier! Thanks for the post.

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