5 Reasons Budget Travel is Better

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5 Reasons Budget Travel is Better- Don't let the fact that you don't have a lot of money to spend on your trip get you down! Here's 5 reasons it's better!

Being that my travel companions and I have never been the type to have a bunch of money, we have always taken budget traveling trips. I used to pine after having almost unlimited funds to spend on trips, feeling like I was missing out on so much by not being able to afford to do anything on my trips but the free or cheap stuff. This tended to ruin my trips in one sense because I was not fully enjoying them. Here are some reasons why I have learned over the years and trips I have taken, that lead me to believe budget trips can be better than those with a larger spending amount.

5 Reasons Budget Travel is Better

You often are forced to find free things and this leads to more adventure- When I have done budget traveling to destinations that I have never been to before, I was surprised at how many free things there was to do and these things often turned out better than the super tourist-filled destinations that are just money suckers, anyway. It forced me to get creative.Sometimes, on trips, I even like to dedicate one day of the trip to just going on an adventure that is not planned out and those days often end up being almost free (minus some gas and grub) and having the most memories made.

You will learn more about yourself- I have learned so much about myself while budget traveling. For one, I have learned that I don’t have to have super control over every detail and it’s OK. I have learned that I just enjoy exploring as much as a well-planned trip. Most importantly, I have learned that money doesn’t buy happiness on trips.

You will enjoy your company more because you won’t be filling your itinerary too much- Since many people plan every detail of every day on their trips, down to the last dollar spent, I have learned that this can create fights, exhaustion and stress. None of that is congruent to a good time. Instead, with budget traveling, I have been able to plan longer activities or more laid back ones that lead to actual relaxation. After all, isn’t that what vacations are for?

You will find the best hidden gem restaurants- When you have more to spend on food on a trip, you tend to treat yourself to restaurants you maybe can’t afford at home. If your budget is smaller, you may wonder what you will do for food and still get to enjoy the local fare. This is actually not a bad thing. Sometimes, the best local fare is not found in the more expensive places. Sometimes, in fact often, the best places to eat are those that the ‘regular people’ locals chow down at and these are often the more reasonably priced, too. Ask locals where to eat and you will get some great answers. I have never been disappointed.

You will often be surprised– When I have budget traveled, and been forced to be creative, I have always been surprised by how many things are not advertised as tourist spots and also have found that these places and destinations are surprisingly some of the best experiences. Find these local surprises by searching on trip sites such as Roadtripper or Trip Advisor and ask a couple weeks before you go for free fun or low cost things to do.

Bonus reason- You won’t get roped into ‘all inclusive package deals’ and you have more control over your trip.

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