20 Outdoor Fall Activities for Free Or Frugal

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Fall is my favorite season. Not only is it the colorsĀ  of the changing leaves, but also the end to a hot season that left me uncomfortable and especially this year, unable to breathe because of the forest fire smoke. I love how Autumn really is a season for all the senses. There are leaves crunching below your feet, an invigorating smell of the Earth in the air (I happen to love that musty smell fall gets!) and so many flavorful dishes out there to taste.

Think of this post like a fall bucket list. While these activities take place in more than the area I am in, I wanted to make sure those that follow me more locally could get a guide for what they could do this month so I am adding in some stuff going on in the area as well if you click on the ideas. I live in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Eastern Washington, so the links are for stuff in this region of the US.

I hope you enjoy this guide for fall and all the free and cheap things you can do.

20 Outdoor Fall Activities for Free or Frugal

  1. Go apple picking or pumpkin picking- Greenbluff is a great place for this in and around the Spokane area. This can cost just a couple of dollars.
  2. Go hiking and check out foliage- Check out our post on 6 great hikes near Spokane.
  3. Create a great fall trail mix- Here are 20 recipes for healthy trail mixes.
  4. Drive through the country and look at the change of seasons.
  5. Do a fall photo shoot with a friend taking pictures- The John A. Finch Arboretum is beautiful this time of year!
  6. Visit a corn maze- This activity usually is pretty low cost. Check out this list of corn mazes near Spokane for days and times.
  7. Gather up some hot drinks and go watch the sun set with blankets.
  8. Do some backyard camping before you pack up your gear for the season.
  9. Go on a foggy morning or evening walk.
  10. Make or watch some cider being pressed at a local farm.
  11. Go to a local high school’s game. These are usually free to the public or very cheap.
  12. Have a bonfire. Make sure to check your local laws. Here are some basic laws for almost all states..
  13. Make a Crockpot or Instant pot soup. Try this easy Curried kale 13 bean soup. Its’ super frugal and delicious. It may not exactly be outdoors, but you can eat it out there!
  14. Find a volunteer job or rake leaves for neighbors.
  15. Do one last fall 5k or 10k before the season is over. Fall runs are great because the weather is not blazing hot anymore and the colors of the season are beautiful.
  16. Go outside and gather craft ‘supplies’ such as pine cones, leaves and acorns. Use them to create something.
  17. Attend an outdoor festival. Here’s a good place to find them in the Spokane area.
  18. Check out a haunted cemetery tour. There’s some great cemetery tours in Spokane.
  19. Do a fall picnic. Make some fall foods to really get into the mood.
  20. Decorate your front porch with pumpkins for the season.

I hope you enjoy your fall season!


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