20 Camping and Hiking Hacks

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20 Camping and Hiking Hacks

Millions of people make the decision to get back to nature every year. Connecting with nature is rewarding in so many ways and it’s great to do alone, with friends, or family.  Are you planning a
camping or hiking trip this summer? There are so many things to think about, plan and pack. Above all the normal things you could think of, how about some extra hacks and tricks to save you some time, money and cover things you may not have thought of? Here’s a list for you of 20 Hiking and Camping Hacks and Tricks!

20 Hiking and Camping Hacks and Tricks

1. Here’s an Emergency Toilet for children, people with disabilities, or just because.

2. Tent Foam Floor Tiles for great DIY padding.

3. Use a Laundry Lint Firestarter for getting those bonfires started.

4. Try DIY-Waterproof Your Shoes to protect your feet.

5. This handy Handwashing Station should be good for anyone who has little ones on a camping trip.

6. Want to cook without a bonfire mess, try a Portable Charcoal Grill.

7. DIY Single Use Antibiotic Packets to protect you from infections.

8. Use this Homemade Calamine Lotion for bug bites and more.

9. Magnetic Window Screen for Car Camping in case you don’t have a tent.

10. This Can Penny Stove is great for small cooking needs.

11. Make an Emergency Flame Holder for “just in case” situations.

12. DIY Outdoor Drink Holder to keep the pests out of your beverages.

13. Pack up a DIY Water Purifier for emergencies.

14. Make this Homemade Tick Repellent to bring along.

15. Pocket-size Oil Lamp for extra light and warmth.

16. Paper Plate Sundial may be a fun and effective way to keep time!

17. Create a DIY Air Conditioner to help during those hot nights in the RV.

18. Bring some Glow Jars for extra light and ambiance.

19. Make some Single Soap Leaves for easy cleanup on the go.

20. Toothpaste Dots are a great way to save space and money!

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