10 Free Apps For Camping

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10 Free Apps for Camping- Heading out into nature for a camping trip? Here are some great free camping apps to help you plan and stay safe!

If you love getting outdoors, but still feel that technology is useful even when you are getting away from it all, and you are lucky enough to still have service where you are at, you may be wondering if there are any good apps available to help you plan your trips camping, or ones you can use while at the campsite. The answer is a resounding, “YES!”. Here are 10 of the best apps we have found for camping.

10 Free Apps for Camping



This is a great one if you want to find out about and reserve spots at national parks, forests and recreation spots. It is pretty user friendly and very straight forward. You pick the dates you are looking at and the location where you are thinking and it shows available sites and spots on that date.

Classic Camping Cookbook and Meal Planner by Coleman


This App is great if you are trying to figure out good meals to make once you get to your site. The app features easy to search functions by food used or even equipment used. A great one for families so you can meal plan.

RV Parky


For those that camp in style in RVs, RV Parky is a great app because you can get user-reviews and find camping spots that may not be known about well as well as privately owned RV camping parks. It is very user friendly, too.

Anti Mosquito Free


I am skeptical of this one, but other apps like it that are paid seem to have great reviews. The app works by emitting a high frequency sound that keeps mosquitoes away but it not harmful to humans. I wouldn’t use it around dogs, though as it might bother them.

Camper’s Helper


This is another app you may want if you are camping via RV, however it can also be helpful for tent campers as well. It helps you locate dump stations, campgrounds, places to boondock as well as geo location.

Camper’s List


This is a great little tool for when you are getting ready to pack for a camping trip. It is a free app that helps you maintain lists of things you still need to pack, stuff you still need to get and so on. Don’t forget a thing with this app!



This app is something I use all time both on my outdoor adventures and just fumbling with my keys in the dark. It is perfect because it is very bright on my iPhone. And heck, who doesn’t need a flashlight when camping?



It’s good to watch the forecast in the days leading up to your trip, but AccuWeather also has alerts in case the weather suddenly changes to something that could be dangerous, too. This is vital info if you are camping and vulnerable.

Oh! Ranger


This app helps you find places to camp based on what you want to do whether it’s hiking, biking, water features or bird watching! This is a great planner app for singles or families.

Pandora Radio


I love Pandora for camping trips. You can pick classic rock and even kid’s music on Pandora for helping little ones go to sleep. Pandora generally works pretty well without too much buffering as long as you aren’t too far in the boonies.

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